Choices about voices

Qualitative research involves many choices. A great deal of richly detailed and context-laden material must be pared down. Many models of inquiry exist, each with subtle differences that profoundly affect outcomes. Relying on the intellect of the researcher, qualitative analysis has the human factor as its greatest strength, or weakness. With budget constraints and deadlines to consider too, it can be challenging to chart a course through this maze.




At voice2words, we help guide projects to their research goal. We take pride in our role as consultants, assisting as needed while respecting project ownership.

We can advise on project design, implementation and reporting. We are also skilled at putting things back on track when problems are encountered in the field or in analysis.

We help clients avoid the pitfalls commonly encountered. Matching each research question with the right methods, we ensure that sample sizes and the interviewee mix are appropriate. We offer guidance in estimating the necessary resources. And our broad theoretical experience gives us the edge when choosing the best model of inquiry.

We advise on:

  • Interview types
  • Participant selection
  • Interview schedule design
  • Rigor and analytical depth
  • Community consultation design and implementation