From initial design to polished report, voice2words is an effective choice.

We are ready to help, no matter the stage or complexity of the project. We guide each project every step of the way. Skilled in end-to-end project management, we can also provide assistance with research tasks at each stage of the project cycle.


We are committed trainers, transferring our skills and sharing our passion for ‘people smart’ research and cross-cultural interchange. Our fun and flexible training courses incorporate experiential learning with the latest theories. Tailoring materials to the needs of each group, we ensure relevance for community and commercial organisations alike.

Community consultation

As independent facilitators, our consultations are genuinely inclusive and effective. Our interactive process ensures the voices of all stakeholders are heard. We render the issues faithfully and make meaningful connections between policy and daily life.

Focus groups and interviewing

Our experienced researchers interview one-on-one or facilitate focus groups. We get the best out of people, no matter their background. Ethnic, cultural and economic diversity is our specialty. We can assist in locating participants from groups that are hard to reach.


Within organisations or communities, our voice2dialogue process can help build relationships between people and improve outcomes. Integrating the authenticity of qualitative research with the unique listening that accompanies dialogue, we facilitate a process that encourages improved communication, trust and co-operation to reach mutual goals.

Project support

We conduct qualitative research and community consultation projects – from point of inception to polished report. Alternatively, we can add a qualitative element to large projects, lending richness and depth to quantitative results.

Editing and publishing

We offer an in-house editing and publishing service to help correct and perfect reports. Our editing service ensures that each report is clear, concise and grammatically accurate. We also offer a desktop publishing and website support service: giving reports a professional polish.