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Voice2words subcontracts to a network of social researchers who are committed to helping people, organisations and communities to move from mistrust to collaborative action.

United by common values, we offer a unique mix of experience and expertise. Our flexibility and practical know-how allow us to tailor the best solution for each client.

Possessing networks with refugee and multi-cultural communities, we have a strong understanding of the non-government and community sectors.


Cath Finney Lamb

Cath Finney Lamb


Cath is the founder of voice2words, which realises her vision of an organisation that helps make all voices heard. Her work blends her passions for dialogue and a research approach that captures voice fairly and authentically.

Cath has spent nearly 20 years of her professional life listening to the voices of people at society’s margins – and representing their challenges and capacities on the page.

A skilled qualitative researcher with a commitment to justice, Cath is dedicated to supporting social harmony and rebuilding trust where it has been lost.

Her experience of health promotion, cultural negotiation and advocacy has given her a deep understanding of the complex web of factors that lead to change. Her experience in health promotion has given her a broad range of skills – from training and group facilitation to program development and media liaison. Her project management experience gives her an eye for detail and a knack for keeping things on track.

Working in the health and academic sectors, Cath’s focus has been on cross-cultural health research, drug health and refugee health. Hundreds of hours spent interviewing individuals and facilitating groups have given her a flair for establishing rapport with people from a wide range of cultures and communities.

It has also made her reflect deeply on the dynamics of trust and communication in the face of stereotypes and misunderstandings. This complements her interest in governance models for non-government organisations, and strategies to build trust between their constituencies.

As a writer, Cath has used many different registers, tailoring the style to suit the need. Possessing the rigor of a successfully published academic author, she is equally able to write in a concrete reporting style which clearly translates information into action.

Cath holds a Master of Public Health from the University of Wollongong. This complements a Bachelor of Science, where she studied botany and zoology, and a Diploma of Applied Science in Food Technology. More recently, she has received training in mediation.



Monique Lisbon Monique Lisbon
Webmaster, Editor, Business Services

Monique is Managing Director of Mono Unlimited: Computer & Printing Support, a Melbourne-based business offering services in editing, graphic and web design, book layout and publishing, as well as other business and computer services.

Some say that Monique was born with a computer in her crib! With nearly two decades of administrative and computer experience, Monique set up Mono Unlimited in 2002.

With an acute eye for details, matched by her creative flair (she is also a singer/songwriter with twelve CDs under her belt), Monique is a valuable associate to voice2words, assisting with transcription and editing. Her design skills have also been applied to creating the 'look' connected with voice2words, including designing this website.